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Account Team Manager

Sue is one of the most positive, proactive, & effective people that I have every worked for. For Sue, the client is king. She prioritizes work to ensure that client expectations, and deadlines, are consistently met. This is achieved through thorough, regular team briefings and attention to detail to ensure quality delivery, and effective resourcing.

She maintains a close relationship with key clients which usually results in profitable business growth. Within these relationships, & through close team leadership, she is able to identify business opportunities, exploring & quantifying them, & then coordinating focused efforts to secure them.

Relationship building is one of Sue’s core skills. This is achieved with client team members, internal colleagues and external suppliers. Through a combination of exploring the needs of individuals, setting or agreeing clear objectives, providing clear communication and focus, and generally showing passion for what she does, she leads by example and can manage to take even the most challenging of individuals along with her.

Not only an advocate for the value of teamwork, Sue demonstrates this through the synergy that she gains from those that she manages. She is keen to understand what makes different individuals ‘tick’, gaining respect from those that she deals with, in addition to within her own team. Her very personal, yet professional approach motivates & brings out the best in people. In my experience people enjoy working with, or for Sue.

Team Manager, Norfolk County Council

We really enjoyed the session and was really beneficial for the team. Looking forward to working with you again.

Teacher, Secondary Education

My stresses seem less overwhelming. It would be great to have some sessions for students, especially sixth form. I think  that some mindfulness (training) would help with the stress of workload and exams.

Teacher, Secondary Education

I find the concept of mindfulness very relevant and interesting considering my current stress and depression. Thanks for all the tips!

Lynn – International PR Project Manager

The coaching really helped me clarify what was/is important to me and what I want to achieve in life, both in the short and longer term.

The semi-structured processes helped me to see how harsh and judgmental I can be on myself, how high I set my personal expectations. The coaching in turn has helped me understand that my expectations can still be high, but if I, or others don’t always achieve them, this is not the end of the world. You are not a failure – but a success for trying!”

I found the coaching a very good way of focusing the mind, taking out the ‘fog’ that often gets in the way of being able to see where we are and where we are going. I found many of the simple techniques, such as ‘the wheel’, a clear and easy way to see where I was so I could then see where I wanted to go.

Using the log-book along the way helped me follow my actions and feelings as circumstances changed and things developed. This helped to review progress and see how far I had come

Rebecca, Product Specialist, B2B

I would definitely recommend working with Sue, she is a very friendly, supportive and professional coach.

I work from home and live 200 miles away from Norfolk so it was great that Sue offers to do Skype sessions as this means I could fit this around my existing work schedule which was much more convenient. The sessions have been extremely useful, especially helping to build my confidence as I am transitioning from my existing role to a new one. The course is created for your individual needs rather than just a generic training material, Sue creates bespoke training courses.

Sue has taught me some brilliant techniques that I think will change the way that I work in a very positive way, I am looking forward to putting them into practice.

Technical Director

At all times I have found Sue to be dependable, reliable & conscientious. She is approachable, personable, cooperative & team spirited. She demonstrates strong leadership qualities & her judgment is measured & sound. She has worked collaboratively with me directly and with my group, providing great empathy, understanding & support of the operational challenges faced by technical staff in business development & client service.

Overall, Sue demonstrates strong business, leadership & management skills & would excel in any senior commercial/managerial role. I would have no reservation working alongside Sue again.

Teacher, Secondary Education

I have been able to manage stress more calmly and with selection. Big change!  Very practical and relevant sessions. The different methods mean that there is something for everyone.

Teacher, Secondary Education

I am more able to think calmly. Compassion is thought provoking – more practise is needed here

Teacher, Secondary Education

The handouts were wonderful and gave excellent tips and insights into mindfulness which have been great to read after each session

Teacher, Secondary Education

Thank you for an excellent insight into mindfulness. I have found using the compassion meditation very good and also the 3-minute breathing space. Although I still get overwhelmed, letting go of the past and the future helps me be more fully in the present.

Head of Marketing, Actelion AG

I had the opportunity to work with Sue on an Internet-based project, designed to support a clinical trial platform. The group responsible for the brief had never worked with a communications agency, and had no idea what to expect. As scientists, they were very detail orientated and very cautious. Sue showed enormous patience, in checking and re-checking their requirements, and driving them towards an exciting but eminently workable solution. Sue proved she can formulate strategy, and align disparate groups behind tactics.

Director, Healthcare Market Research Agency

I worked with Sue on a number of medical communications projects and also on some general management issues across our group. Sue balanced good business leadership abilities with a strong sense of ethics and fairness, setting clear directions and standards for the team and supporting them to deliver. Sue is a capable leader with a high level of integrity.

VP, Head of Global Launch, Bayer Schering Pharma

Sue is a beacon, one of those rare people who looks beyond the event, & sees the full picture. Whether because she has the broad experience of industry, or because it is innate, she can assemble facts dispassionately, & interpret them with humour & energy. She manages to challenge thinking, & propose the right solution in a way that ensures long & successful partnerships. I have no hesitation in endorsing Sue.

Managing Directors and Owners

  1.  Without her (Sue’s) support & input our company would not have been able to make significant changes towards improving its financial stability.
  2. Sue worked in a persuasive & collaborative way across our wider multidisciplinary companies winning the support of her colleagues in other business areas in a subtle yet effective way.
  3.  A quick thank you note, Sue, to tell you how much I appreciated what you did last week*. Such unselfishness & dedication to our company…it is so nice at the end of one of ‘those’ weeks to reflect for a moment on the people around us who are totally devoted to making us all successful, whatever might be asked of them. I want you to know that whenever I have such thoughts & whenever I discuss this sort of thing with the rest of the management team, your name comes up a lot…

*48 hour notice, working with an interpreter, customer service trip to Japan – presentations & business reviews – five blue-chip companies visited over 10 days.

eBusiness Manager, Nestlé Nespresso

Sue’s ability to think outside the box has been efficacious to the more innovative service solutions she has created for her clients. Knowing that to make a difference you sometimes have to step away from or move on from the status quo, her commitment to providing fully integrated services to her clients did create an opportunity to change the name of the game in more ways than one.

I truly believe Sue is one of the early-adopters in her company and that she will continue to look for new ways to better serve her clients in a consistent and innovative fashion. I personally enjoyed working with Sue very much & learned a lot from her.