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Mental Resilience Courses

One-to-one and group (for certain courses) training sessions are available via Skype. This provides a relaxed, non-judgemental and confidential environment at a time to suit you. Remote sessions, like these, are perfect for those unable to attend for “in-person” training.

Sessions are, usually, 60 minutes in duration, followed up by an email containing notes and tips with an invitation to try some activities during the intervening week, for longer courses.

Why not book a free no-obligation, 30-minute discussion on how we may be of assistance; either via Skype or by telephone.

Please note that all courses are paid for on a session to session basis, allowing the customer complete flexibility.

Courses can be classroom-based or face to face, in person, if required. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Courses available:

Mental Resilience Training
Cost £49 per session  (6 sessions in total)
Mental resilience can be learnt and developed using a number of, evidence-based, techniques and practises. Through the development of core attitudes that support mental resilience, people are able to keep things in perspective and, are able to cope with things more effectively.

Trauma-sensitive mindfulness
Cost £56 per session  (6-8 sessions in total)  one to one
For those who have:

  1. already undergone trauma therapy and wish to support and hold their, newfound, recovery
  2. been advised, by a recognised trauma healthcare professional, to undertake an introduction to mindfulness course (this should be supported by a referral letter)Please do not book a trauma mindfulness session until we have confirmed receipt of your referral letter.

An introduction to mindfulness meditation
Cost £49 per session  (8 sessions in total)
Ideal for people looking to:

  1. cultivate better focus and concentration, which has been linked to increased performance and improved mood
  2. gain greater self-worth, confidence and ability to keep calm, with increased social skills and awareness
  3. work with demanding mental states such as low mood, rumination and anxious thoughts
  4. experience greater wellbeing, even during difficult times

Research studies have shown that it is through practising mindfulness meditation regularly over an eight week period that you experience the benefits. After eight weeks of training, there is a significant increase in the ability to sustain attention, emotional regulation and perspective-taking.

Family Mental Resilience & Wellbeing Training
Cost £65 per session  (8 sessions in total)
Up to 4 family members may take part in each session.
These sessions are ideal for parents, guardians and carers responsible for young people (11 to 18 year-olds).

Young people can struggle with peer pressure, social media and the stress of exams; which can impact all family members. It can also be booked by parents and their teenagers, to allow them to train together ahead of key exams and other life challenges.

The intention of these sessions is to help young people and family members to overcome difficulties, thrive and to flourish.

8-week Mindful Based Living Course (MBLC)
Cost £67 per session  (8 sessions in total)   one-to-one
This provides a wonderful opportunity to learn mindfulness one-to-one with a qualified, fully insured, teacher. You will also receive a companion hard copy book delivered to your home and engage with your facilitator via Skype once a week.

A certificate of completion will be awarded after 8 weeks which will be recognised by other providers should you wish to take further, advanced, courses.

This course is especially suitable for people who may find it difficult to attend an 8-week group course, because:

  1. there are no courses in your area
  2. opportunities are restricted because of caring duties
  3. of inability to attend a group for health reasons

This way of learning is also ideal for anyone with a mindfulness practice who would like to deepen their practice in a one-to-one teaching relationship with an experienced teacher.

Book a course
If you have any questions, please use the contact form and, we will get back to you, promptly.

We offer coaching and training in the services detailed on this site. WE DO NOT offer any therapies.  If you are unsure, please consult your healthcare professional or us, before booking.

You have a right to confidentiality and we respect all communications as confidential unless you present a risk of committing harm to self or others.

You may ask any questions you wish about our credentials, methods and experience, and about what to expect from online training sessions with us.

Refund Policy
There is a £10 administration fee, payable on cancellation of any booking.