Top ten tips for a great meditation posture

Taking time to find your own ‘best’ posture is time well spent
  1. Start by reminding yourself about your intent: to be relaxed, yet alert
  2. Choose your preferred seating — in the chair or on the floor
  3. Check your clothing isn’t restricting you in any way
  4. Without changing posture, ask yourself “Am I more tense than I need to be?” and check-in with your breathing
  5. Adjust your posture slowly and deliberately
  6. Sit straighter, loosen your shoulders, arms and stomach
  7. Loosen up your breathing with at least three deep breaths
  8. Start to fine tune your posture starting with your head and face. Adjust as necessary, slowly and deliberately
  9. Go to your points of tension and ‘breathe through’ them (face, neck, shoulders, stomach)
  10. Don’t expect every muscle to relax completely. Just feel them starting to loosen and then move on. Do this for as long as you like. After all it’s your body and your meditation