11 tricks when life kicks you in the teeth

If you are very lucky, life has been kind to you. If you’re like the rest of us, it has given you a good kicking more times than you care to mention. So once you’ve dusted yourself off and spat out those metaphorical lose teeth, how do you ensure that you are in much better shape the next time the world catches you on the back foot with one of it’s right hooks?

After my last bout of ‘concussion’, I made it my business to build a strong, more resilient me. Below is my evidence-based go-to list, which I found provided structure and more importantly wasn’t difficult to follow. There is no requirement to do all of them; just find the ones that appeal to you and your circumstances. If you do adopt all of them I can assure you, you will notice the difference when you are next tested.

I hope you find them useful. Let me know how you get on.

Resilience Builder

  1. Listen to your own inner voice — you have more of an idea of what is best for you than you think
  2. Gain flexibility and strength of both mind and body — if you’re not a gym bunny, walk 30 minutes a day and try yoga
  3. Give up people and things that tire and exhaust you — they really aren’t worth your attention
  4. Embrace people and things that encourage and nurture you
  5. Make regular time and space for private reflection — have a proper break from your technology
  6. Face and diminish past difficulties — don’t keep looking back; you’re not going that way
  7. Live in the moment — make plans by all means, but don’t let future thoughts consume you
  8. Lose excess weight — all of it and keep it off
  9. Eat a well-balanced, nourishing, nutritious diet
  10. Make sure you get enough good quality sleep
  11. Ditch your consumption of the news in all forms — find things that make you laugh