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Sue Wright

Following service in the Royal Navy, Sue embarked on a successful commercial career that has included pharmaceuticals, health care communications, holding a range of diverse positions including Executive Director (UK) and Senior Client Service Director (Europe).

Sue has experienced first-hand how high-stress cultures combined with a deterioration in physical function can lead to poor mental health and life-changing situations. After coming to the early conclusion that recovery was in her own hands, she set about developing and implementing her own personal programme. She has since developed innovative and evidence-based mental resilience programmes for others.

As a qualified mindfulness facilitator and mental health resilience trainer, Sue has the ability to engage and empathise with those facing difficult challenges.

Sue holds a BSc from The Open University and is a qualified Performance Coach. Having studied Mindfulness-Based Approaches at Bangor University’s School of Psychology, Sue is now in her third and final year of the MSc in Studies in Mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen.

After a three-year period as Deputy Chief Executive at Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing CIC, directly helping those in mental health distress following traumatic experiences, Sue now works with a range of clients including: serving police officers, military personnel, military veterans, teachers, social workers, corporate partners and other individuals.

She firmly believes that mental resilience should not be left to chance but should be part of our day to day living. To those ends, unsurprisingly her favourite saying is:

“You don’t start to pack your parachute,
as you begin to jump out of the aeroplane!”

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